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Frequently asked questions

Where is the office located ?

We are located at :
route du Grand Massif
74340 Samoens.

How to contact us ?

By telephone : 04 50 53 38 92
By fax : 04 50 47 93 25
By Email:
By Post : 360 International
Immeuble les Rhodos
avenue du Giffre
74340 Samoens.

What colour clothes do the intructors wear ?

We are in black with a sky blue trim. The 360 logo is on the back of the jackets.

360 International Ecole de Ski et de Snowboard

How to make a reservation ?

You can make a reservation through
– our internet site (the reservation page)
- by email
- by post : 360 International 732route du Grand Massif 74340 Samoens.

Regardless of the method you choose we require a deposit which is payable by credit card. The balance is payable at our office before the first lesson. Once you have paid we will give you a ticket to give to your instructor as proof of payment.
Your reservation is only final once we have confirmed your booking. In case you’re not sure what level you are please see the ‘levels’ page on our site.

Where is the meeting point for the lessons ?

For all lessons it is extremely important that you arrive at the correct meeting point 5 minutes before the start of the lesson with the necessary ski equipment and clothing, a valid lift pass and, on you first day you will need to present your proof of purchase ticket to the instructor.
All the lessons start and finish at the top of the grand massif express, next to the TGD.there you can see all our flags, signs, nets... with ourname and logo on it.

How many people are there in each lesson ?

Group lessons
All the childrens’ groups, adult groups and snowboard groups have a maximum of 8 people per instructor.
Children's lesson
‘Premiere Glisse’ group has a maximum of 10 children with 2 instructors.
Private lessons
are for a maximum of 2 people only.
The Ski / Snow Famille
is for a private group of between 3 and 10 people maximum.
Alhtough we aim to keep the groups sizes to the numbers mentioned above, we reserve the right to increase the group sizes if we need to move people to a more appropriate level.

What is the minimum age to learn to ski ?

We do not give lessons to children under 4 years old, as they do not have sufficient strength or coordination skills.
Am I too old to learn to ski / snowboard? No, as long as you are fit and healthy you are never too old to learn.

What do I need to bring to the lesson ?

You need to present your proof of purchase ticket to your instructor on the first day. You will be given this at our office.
If you are 5 years old or above, regardless of your level, you must have a valid lift pass for the entire period of the lesson(s). You can buy your lift passes at the lift pass office which is opposite the ski school.
Please make sure you wear the appropriate clothing for the conditions. Please make sure your children are correctly dressed as they are more susceptible to the cold, heat and the sun. Suncream and eye protection are essential.

Do my children need to wear a helmet ?

It is not obligatory for your children to wear helmets but we strongly recommend it.

If my child is ill or has an allergy do I need to tell the instructor ?

It is strongly recommended that you mention any illness or allergy your child may have to the instructor as it is important if there is an emergency. The snacks given to the children contain nuts. It is essential that you inform the instructor of any food or medical allergies.

Do I need to bring poles to the lesson ?

It is not obligatory for your children to wear helmets but we strongly recommend it.

What if my child is crying ?

Our instructors are familiar with this situation. Some tips - Please try not to stay at the meeting point too long. Please do not accompany your child during the lesson. Please try and remain out of site during the lesson until the end.
Can I accompany my child during the lessons ?
We understand it may be difficult to leave your child when they are crying. By all means you may accompany your child to the meeting point but in our experience it is always better if you remain out of sight during the lesson, even if they are crying. They will soon start enjoying themselves and will progress faster without you in sight.
What if my child needs the toilet during a group lesson ?
As the majority of our instructors are male they are not allowed to help your child if they need the toilet during the lesson. Please ensure they have been before the lesson.

Can I learn to snowboard if I have never skied ?

Learning to ski and to snowboard are two different things and you can learn one without ever experiencing the other. You can learn to board withouth ever having put skis on.
We recommend that your child only joins group boarding lessons from the age of 10 as they have generally not physically developed enough to get the ,ost out of group lessons until then. We offer private lesosns for children under 10 years old.

Are there lessons in bad weather ?

The lessons run regardless of the weather as long as the lifts remaim open. If the weather is bad please ensure you dress you and your children accordingly. Please leave your contact number in your childrens’ pocket in case the instructor decides to shorten the lesson.

When will the lessons be reimbursed ?

Your lessons will be reimbursed only in the following instances :
If for whatever reason we are unable to teach your lesson; If the whole of the station is closed; or If you are inujured during the lesson any remaining lessons will be reinbursed upon presentation of a valid medical certificate.

What languages do the instructors speak ?

All of our instructors speak fluent Eglish. Some speak Spanish or Dutch.
Will group lessons be in English or French ?
If there is a mix of nationalities, the groups lessons will be given in both English and French.

Are the instructors qualified ?

All of our instrcutors are fully qualified by the French government, after doing years of study and exams.

What will I learn in the lessons ?

Please see our description of the different levels.

Where can I buy the lift passes from ?

Where can I hire good quality equipment ?

The lift pas office is at the bottom of the “Grand Massif Express” cable car

More questions ?

Do I need insurance ?
Please check whether your travel insurance covers you for mountain rescue. If not, you can buy extra insurance cover when you buy your lift passes. (
When does the resort open and close for the season ?
This is obviously weather dependent. Please visit the tourist office site for more information. (